Magisto 1.14

A crafty tool for slideshow and compilation video creation
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Magisto is a program for those people who lack the time or the skill to create something memorable out of their stockpile of videos, photos and pictures.
This program is a brilliant artistic aide in that it lets users make short artistic/documentary style videos or slideshows by analyzing and combining uploaded videos and setting them up to play with a certain theme and music of the uploader's choosing.

The interface is designed to be as simple as possible, with few menus, basic settings and a soothing visual design. Basically, all you do is select entire files of parts of files that are marked as "events". Then you select specific music and theme, and the program does the rest. Magisto has advanced algorithms for analysis of uploaded files on the visual level, audio level and pacing, arranging and re-arranging events to create a stable and engaging narrative in a resulting video. After the movie is complete, you can save it, watch it or share it online. Using event settings you can rearrange parts of the created movie and remake it.

Magisto is a fun tool. It's light, fast and competent. if you want to do something beautiful with your memories, try it out.

James Lynch
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  • Easy to use
  • Stable
  • Advanced content analysis


  • Not much control over content
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